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This SlideShare will explore the 5 REASONS you should be evaluating cloud-based ERP, WHY IT MATTERS to your institution, and the BOTTOM LINE you need to know.


 PERSPECTIVES:  Strategic Planning and Student Success

READ OUR PANEL PAPER to learn how three key leaders in higher education view the role of leadership in strategic planning for student success!

 A Holistic Approach to Student Success

This white paper will explore what’s been missing in student success initiatives and why a holistic, or ‘big picture’ view across the institution is essential.

 A New Approach to Student Success

This short video will describe why schools need to look at student success from a holistic perspective.

 Defining Student Success

This short video will describe why strategic student success has to involve the entire campus.

 WEBINAR:  What CFOs Need to Know About Cloud ERP

This webinar features an informative discussion on Cloud-based ERP, how to interpret the evolution of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) ERP offerings, and how institutions need to be ready to respond.

 7-Step Roadmap to Enterprise Information Systems

This best practices brief will describe 7 steps every institution considering an update to enterprise systems needs to follow.

 Creating a Culture of Change on Enterprise Implementations

This paper will explore some fundamental principles of change management and lay out actionable strategies for effectively creating a culture of change on an enterprise system implementation.

5 Ways to Leverage Your ERP Investment

Institutions should approach their ERP implementations with certain “value-add” objectives defined at the outset.  This best practices brief outlines five opportunities to get the most out of  your ERP investment.

 Strategies to Adapt to the New Normal in Higher Education

Institutions are facing unprecedented changes, creating a ‘new normal’ for higher education.  How can institutions adapt?  This SlideShare outlines 3 truths for the new normal, and 9 strategies to cope.

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