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We can help you manage risk, navigate change and deliver results for your most strategic initiatives. We deliver these services exclusively to higher education institutions.

Enterprise Solutions Consulting

Project and Change Management

Student Success Strategies

direction-signbs-v3Enterprise Solutions Advisory Services

We can help you nail down a strategy for systems transformation.

Assess current systems and options

Technology is evolving as quickly as the needs of your institution.  Are your systems keeping up?    We can give you an independent, strategic analysis of your enterprise systems and options in the market.

Select the Best-Fit Solution

Finding the best-fit enterprise system is an intensive, high-stakes process.  You need an independent partner to lead a comprehensive and objective system and services solicitation to select the best solution for your institution.

Prepare for Implementation

Administrative system implementations are complex and expensive.  Is your institution ready to take one on?  We can help you identify gaps, reduce risk and increase the likelihood of a successful implementation.

gears-icon-1001-v3 Independent Project and Change Management

We can give you expert guidance for managing systems transformation.

Manage your systems implementation.

Implementation projects don’t come with insurance policies.  Scope creep, slipping timelines and out of control expenses can all jeopardize your project.  Let us be your insurance policy to keep your project on time, under budget and within scope. 

 Help your institution manage change.

Change management is an essential part of any successful transformation on campus.  We can provide the recommendations, guidance and tools you need to help navigate change successfully.


Student Success Strategies

We can help you foster student success across the institution.

Take a holistic view of Student Success.

Student Success isn’t a Student Services problem – it’s an institutional imperative.  Does your institution have an environment that will enable student success?  You need to take a holistic perspective to find out.

Transform your environment for a stronger focus on Student Success.

How do you make the changes needed to make that stronger focus a reality?  You need specific, actionable strategies to change how your institution enables student success.

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